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Nytt: Fem gästkonstnärer bjuds in för år 2018!

Wong, Hiram (Australien / Hong Kong)

Pham, Minh Duc (Vietnam / Tyskland)

Hotz, Katrin & Lanon, Jerome (Schweitz / Frankrike)

Wessling, Susana (Portugal, Storbritannien)


Gästkonstnärer 2017

Januari–februari: Hazel Barstow, Storbritannien / Norge (f. 1986)


"I would like to use my time of the residency to work with developing further my investigation into the behaviour of materials, the transformative potential in different materials and how these affect the body of the viewer in the exhibition space. My work plan is divided into different parts along the way and finishing in an exhibition at the end of my stay. My material exploration will be based around the surroundings of the residency, and I would like to show both installations and art events during the process.

1–10 February: Working with the surroundings of the area in and around Solf, collecting information, using the senses to perceive the surroundings and documenting these experiences.
10–18 February: Studio work based on collected visual material, extracting topics/ideas from this. Working toward a public interactive art-in-action.
19 February: Interactive art-in-action in the public space of the village
20 February – 10 March: Studio work on installation for final exhibition
11–14 March: First installation exhibition
15–23 March: Studio work toward second installation
24–31 March: Second installation exhibition event

Parallel to working on the installation project and art-in-action events, I would during the residency work with analogue photography and drawing which are an important part of my process and practice."

Besök konstnärens hemsida: www.hazelbarstow.com


(Residenset ledigt.)

Maj–juni: Jo Ann Kronquist, Kanada (f. 1954) 


"During the Stundars Art Residency, my intention is to use photography and horizon lines to create a series of individually designed and hand bound artist books that comment on horizon lines as metaphors for our journey.

Horizon lines are prominent in landscapes; they are eternally present and provide a steady visual reference point that marks the passage of time and space along our journey. How we view the shape and placement of our horizon determines our unique perspective. Is our outlook expansive and open, encompassing the vastness of the land, or small and diminutive, only focused on a narrow view? Or can we shift with ease between the two?

This theme will be explored in the construction of the books, and Stundars and its surrounds will be used as the backdrop for the photographs. My books, like horizons, offer a stable structure in which to consider vantage points. The books are experimental in that the pages may fold out, pop-up, have different shapes, or be embossed, and include words and digital photographs. The three-dimensional pages allow the viewer to see the horizon from many angles. The sequential order of the pages allows time, space, and information to unfold bringing about additional viewpoints.

The artist books will vary in size from the diminutive, which would fit in the palm of a hand, to coffee table size books. They will be constructed out of paper, mat board, have cloth covers, and use codex or accordion fold binding methods.

During the residency I plan to exhibit these experimental photographic books with an opening night and an artist talk. Workshops in bookbinding and photography would be offered. I also propose to teach yoga classes. Yoga ties in with the theme of the books as the practice of yoga can open up horizons."

Juli–oktober: Juliana Irene Smith, USA / Sydafrika

Läs mera om konstnären: http://alma-mater-project-space.tumblr.com/people 


November–december: Behrad Hassanati, Iran (f. 1987)


"The whole project that I name “The Faces” will be in the specific style which I am pursuing currently. I intend to do triptychs (three-canvas paintings), diptychs (two-canvas paintings), that is what I have been doing with my latest abstract painting. I use Spatula to make distinguishable strokes on the canvas. This technique serves to evoke emotions and feelings with the viewer. My canvases have to be very well prepared perfectly stretched to bare the strikes of the spatula. I use photography as well when necessary. I will work on a set on portraits which for I will definitely look for the local people with unique impressions in their look and other artists.

During the time of my stay I think it would be a great honor for me to participate in workshops, exhibitions, and communal activity or even teach my technique during my stay to other artists and other people who are interested.

Most of my paintings are expected to be finished between 5 to 10 day max."



Gästkonstnärerna på Ateljé Stundars bjuds in en gång om året på basis av ansökningar. Konstnärerna väljs ut av en sakkunniggrupp, som består av

  • konstläraren Robert Back (YH Novia, Jakobstad)
  • konstvetaren Dan Holm, Vasa
  • konstnären Jimmy Pulli (nutidskonstföreningen Platform, Vasa)
  • verksamhetsledare Gunilla Sand (Stundars)
  • intendent Peter Båsk (Stundars)
  • kulturchef Ann-Maj Björkell-Holm (KulturÖsterbotten).

Som sekreterare i sakkunniggruppen verkar informationssekreterare Carola Harmaakivi.

Ateljé Stundars, som grundades år 1998, verkar inom det internationella Artist in Residence-nätverket. Gästkonstnärerna får arbeta och bo hyresfritt vid residenset i två–sex månader. Under residenstiden får de ett mindre ekonomiskt bidrag, som ska täcka materialkostnader. Konstnärerna betalar själva sina resor till och från residenset. De står även själva för sitt uppehälle. 

Ateljé Stundars drivs av KulturÖsterbotten, som bl.a. ska förkovra konsten och kulturen i Svenska Österbotten. KulturÖsterbotten ser gärna att gästkonstnärerna donerar ett av sina konstverk till KulturÖsterbotten. Syftet är att utöka samkommunens konstsamling, som deponeras på olika håll i Österbotten. Gästkonstnärerna uppmuntras även att ordna utställningar, Artist Talks o.dyl. under sin residenstid.

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