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Welcome to KulturÖsterbotten!

KulturÖsterbotten is a division of the SÖFUK Federation of Swedish Municipalities in Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture (Svenska Österbottens förbund för utbildning och kultur, SÖFUK), a joint municipal organization with fourteen member municipalities. SÖFUK is also in charge of the vocational education (YA – Vocational College of Ostrobothnia) and the regional theatre (Wasa Teater) in Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia.

The aim of KulturÖsterbotten is to strengthen the cultural identity of the Swedish-speaking population of Ostrobothnia, deepen the cultural co-operation in all fields and on all levels and promote creative activities in the region.

Our vision:

KulturÖsterbotten is the obvious resource for a dynamic cultural life in Ostrobothnia.

Our mission:

KulturÖsterbotten brings together, supports and makes culture more visible – in Swedish, in all of Ostrobothnia.

Our values:

We adhere to a broad and inclusive definition of culture.
We believe in everyone’s right to experience and practice culture.
We are convinced that culture is an indispensable part of a good life.
We regard collaboration founded on mutual trust as enriching.

KulturÖsterbotten co-operates with a large number of organizations – regionally, nationally and internationally. KulturÖsterbotten is lead by the Cultural Section of SÖFUK.

For further information about KulturÖsterbotten’s international Artist-in-Residence program at Ateljé Stundars in Solf, Korsholm, please visit www.kulturosterbotten.fi/atelje-stundars.

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Kungsgårdsvägen 46 A, 65380 VASA, FINLAND

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